Month: September, 2011

Triangle From Full Mount

  1. Get a very high mount with your knees under his arm pits if possible.
  2. Wrap up an arm with an overhook and slide your knee  towards his head on the same side.
  3. Get wrist control of the other arm and push it to the matt.
  4. Sneak your other leg up and over the opposite arm.
  5. Pull body towards you with overhook and while maintaining wrist control, slide leg under head and cinching the choke.

This is a nice “baiting” move to get it started easily (untried):

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Tip for Triange Choke – Keep from Getting Stacked

Simple tip:  If your opponent is about to stack you, start walking back on your shoulders.  This will flatten him out and synch the choke.

You must do this BEFORE he has you stacked.

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Tips for Turtle Guard

Hidden Valley’s easily recover guard:

  1. Extend leg straight out that is closest to your opponent.
  2. Sit on top of your other leg and rotate into your opponent.
  3. Keep your head and neck arched back and protected from Darce’s and Guillotines.

To easily take top side side mount:

  1. When opponent is on your side, take the knee closest to him and put it on the side of him facing your feet.
  2. Sit up and rotate your body towards him – take your arm closest to him and rotating it towards your knee.
  3. This will put him on his back and you on his side.
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