Date: February 7th, 2012

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Combatives Curriculum being taught in Utah

Class 1

Techniques: Trap and Roll Escape – Mount Leg Hook Takedown

Class 2

Techniques: Americana Armlock – Mount Clinch (Aggressive Opponent)

Class 3

Techniques: Positional Control – Mount Body Fold Takedown

Class 4

Techniques: Take the Back + R.N.C. – Mount Clinch (Conservative Opponent)

Class 5

Techniques: Punch Block Series – Guard Guillotine Choke (Standing)

Class 6

Techniques: Straight Armlock – Mount  Guillotine Defense

Class 7

Techniques: Triangle – Guard Haymaker Punch Defense

Class 8

Techniques: Elevator Sweep – Guard Rear Takedown

Class 9

Techniques: Elbow Escape – Mount Pull Guard

Class 10

Techniques: Positional Control – Side Mount Double Leg Takedown (Aggressive)

Class 11

Techniques: Headlock Counters – Mount Standing Headlock Defense

Class 12

Techniques: Headlock Escape 1 – Side Mount Standing Armlock

Class 13

Techniques: Straight Armlock – Guard Clinch (Aggressive Opponent)

Class 14

Techniques: Double Ankle Sweep – Guard Guillotine Choke (Guard Pull)

Class 15

Techniques: Headlock Escape 2 – Side Mount Clinch (Conservative Opponent)

Class 16

Techniques: Shrimp Escape – Side Mount Body Fold Takedown

Class 17

Techniques: Kimura – Guard Leg Hook Takedown

Class 18

Techniques: Punch Block Series (5) – Guard Haymaker Punch Defense

Class 19

Techniques: Hook Sweep – Guard Guillotine Defense

Class 20

Techniques: Take the Back – Guard  Standing Headlock Defense

Class 21

Techniques: Elbow Escape – Side Mount Pull Guard

Class 22

Techniques: Twisting Arm Control – Mount Rear Takedown

Class 23

Techniques: Double Underhook Pass – Guard  Double Leg Takedown (Conservative)

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