Control in Jiu-Jitsu, Judo or Mixed Martial Arts

If you are new to Martial arts or an old pro there are a few fundamental principals we may not always remember. These principals are essential to wining a confrontation against a bigger and stronger opponent or longevity in the Combative Arts. Now with a smaller weaker opponent a swift push may suffice. The principals are patients, control and opportunity. When engaging in a bout or in a self defense situation he who keeps his cool is the one who dictates the pace and position of the fight. Then of course when you add control to the scenario you limit your attackers options. Now opportunity rears its evil head. Now that your controlling your assailant and limiting his options your patients is working against him as he looks for ways of attacking. Your attacker will expose himself just like a sacrificial Lamb you assailant turns from attacker into a victim as you take the submission. Be patient, use control and capitalize on the opportunity. Be technical and train smart.

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